On Making Time for Life

Hello Friend, At the surface, this channel of communication feels so abstract. I don’t know whether you read this to the end; maybe you skim through for something of interest. Whatever you

On A Healthful Train of Thought

Hello Friend, I hope you are in a healthy state of mind and body; the endless whirlpool of tragic tales from the pandemic-ridden world hasn’t pulled you down. I lately focus a

You Write Because You Have To

Hello Friend, After a prolonged slump in my productivity, I’ve been writing a lot more recently. I’m not sure what has brought in this change. Some alteration in the environment I

Slanting Nib Returns With Vol. 2

Hello Friend, It’s been a while since I published the last issue. For me, neither 2020 signed off on a high note nor 2021 started with a blast. The many unwanted bumps