Goodbyes Are Hard

When I published the first issue of this newsletter, I had no clue I would do that 20 times over the last fifteen months. I had started writing it with the hope that each issue would bring some value to a few writers. The journey ends today.

Fillers Don’t Define a Book

All self-help books follow a pattern - they pique our interest in the initial chapters. Then comes a phase when all books read the same. Why is that? And is there a parallel, a lesson to be learnt in real life from this?

On Making Space for More

Over the last weekend, my wife and I had decided to clean all the closets and drawers, extending it to cover every nook and corner of our house. The idea was to go through each section of our home, find all the junk lying around unused, and get rid of it if it does not justify the space it occupies.

Back to the Home

I have recently moved back to my permanent address — the place I have been calling home for the past ten years. It was precisely a year ago that I had shifted to my original hometown. My wife and I wanted to be closer to our parents in these uncertain times. Good that we did.

What Holds You Back?

Hello Friend, My daughter recently learnt how to ride a bicycle. I spent two weeks making her follow the basics, inspiring her to give up on the fear of falling. I had marked