Spirit of the Season

I have been down with a fever and cold for the past few days. What's worse is that my daughter has been sick too. This doesn't happen often, but it is a tiring experience for all at our home when it does.

iPod died, and so did my habits with music

I hate Apple for killing the iPod, as they took down the whole MP3 players industry with it. Sure, the rise and popularity of streaming services have played a hand too. But irrespective, my music listening habits have changed tremendously since.

Practise and Long Rallies

My daughter recently participated in a three-legged race during the festive period. Though she wasn't too excited to put herself through the challenge, knowing her close friend would partner her through the race

Sydney Didn’t Welcome Me With Open Arms

It was an early Sunday evening, and it wasn’t time for dinner yet. But my body clock hadn’t adjusted itself to the timezone yet. It was lunchtime at my place home, and my body wanted food. Local time be damned. But Sydney didn't welcome me.

The Day I Panicked in a Pool

On a scorching Sunday morning, an eight-year-old me is thrilled again to wear my new swimming gear. It was also a day of a few new lessons.